Blood microscopy courses

There are 2 courses offered. There is a 2 day course in Dark Field Live Blood Microscopy (DFLBM) which is a prerequisite to do the other 3 day course in Phase Contrast Live Blood Microscopy (PCLBM) and Coagulated Blood Microscopy (CBM). The combination of these two course is equivalent to the previous 5 days course in LBM + CBM and covers all of the information regarding live blood and coagulated (dried) blood microscopy.

 To qualify to do these courses students must be fully qualified Medical Practitioners, Naturopaths, or other approved health practitioners with a solid background in Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry.

All information taught in these courses is specifically tailored to accompany the training manual for each course. The courses provide information from Haematology, Biochemistry, Clinical Nutrition, Microbiology, and Microscopy texts as well as many published scientific articles, with the aim of presenting the student with an understanding of how practitioners can use observations made on native blood specimens (and feed-back from their patients regarding interpretations from these observations) in conjunction with regular Symptomatology and Diagnosis to screen the patient as to their current health status. The course material presented is believed to be factual at the time of presentation and is updated regularly as new findings are published. Although the trainer is diligent in this area, science is continually evolving and some new findings may unintentionally escape the trainer’s best-intentioned diligence. In this case some unintended invalidities may arise. It is the sole responsibility of the student to read the notes thoroughly and critically assess their validity and current level of truth. All observations and their possible indications should be followed up by practitioners by way of reading current research literature to continually establish their present day validity. These tests are not diagnostic medical tests; they are a screening tool used to prompt the practitioner to ask the patient pertinent questions about their health status in order to acquire an informed opinion as to possible underlying causes that may be contributing to their health problems.

Natural Medicine does not, in any way, set out to either diagnose or treat any medical disease or medically defined condition. Underlying causes of health problems are sought out and treated (rather than patient symptoms) with the express aim of assisting the patient to restore their body to a state of balance (homeostasis) through specific, individualised, changes to their diet and nutrition plus application of specific appropriate supplements. Where this is not possible patients should be referred on to an appropriate medical practitioner for further assessment and treatment.

A. Dark Field Live Blood Microscopy (DFLBM)

DFLBM is a purely dark field approach to Live Blood examination in which the best available information from the many techniques offered worldwide is combined
This is a 2 days course
Cost: AU$1,100 (incl. GST )

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B. Phase Contrast Live Blood Microscopy (PCLBM) + Coagulated Blood Microscopy (CBM)

PCLBM is a course designed for those who have already completed the DFLBM dark field course and who want to discover the additional information seen in the blood under phase contrast.
This is the first day of the 3 days course.

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CBM is based on the Bradford HLB® dried blood technique as modified by Dr. Harold Klassen and myself through years of clinical observation, the Dr. Michael Coyle Dried Layer test, and published scientific data.
The CBM course is the last 2 days of the 3 days course and blood slides of patients with a diverse range of health problems are viewed as part of the course.

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This is a 3 days course incorporating all of the information provided in the CBM course plus the PCLBM course.

Cost: AU$1,650 (incl. GST)

Course Costs:

The DFLBM course is offered at the above quoted cost ($1,100) based on a minimum of 10 practitioners. These courses are run throughout Australia and Europe.

*The PCLBM plus CBM 3 days course (cost $1,650) is for those who have completed the 2 days DFLBM course and want to upgrade to complete the full 5 days course. These 3 days courses are only held in Adelaide and are limited to a maximum of 5 practitioners.

DFLBMPCLBM, and CBM are, by no means, diagnostic techniques but, rather, screening tools that allow the practitioner to quiz the patient on their health status and assist in helping to ascertain certain underlying factors that may be causing the patient’s body to be out of balance. This, in turn, allows the practitioner to design an individualised treatment protocol specifically aimed at helping the patient improve their health status and to maintain good health.

* Courses in PCLBM & CBM for 5 practitioners are only offered in Adelaide. Preference is given to people who purchase a blood microscope from Douglas Blood Microscopy Centre prior to the course.