About the trainer

Dr. Trevor Douglas holds an Honours Degree in Biochemistry (Molecular Biology; Differentiation of Avian Red Blood Cells) and a PhD in Agricultural Biochemistry and Plant Physiology (Biosynthesis of Cholesterol & other Sterols in Plants and Animals) from the University of Adelaide (South Australia) plus a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. He has held positions as University Lecturer (Biochemistry, University of Ghana, West Africa), Research Scientist (University of Adelaide), Hospital Scientist (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, S.A.), Visiting Professor (University of Calgary, Canada), Principle Research Scientist (CSIRO, Division of Horticulture; Cell Membrane Lipid Biochemistry), Owner & Managing Director (Elura Nominees, Scientific Consultancy), and ran a very busy practice as a Nutritional Biochemist & Naturopath spanning almost 16 years and consulting with over 12,000 patients during that time. As a Research Scientist Dr. Douglas published over 30 major peer reviewed scientific papers and a chapter in the book “3-Hydroxy 3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase”. Dr. Douglas is Scientific Director of the Government accredited Science Art Research Centre, New South Wales, and Honorary Professor of the Albert Schweitzer International University, London, U.K.. He is author of the best selling book “Longevity- Your Choice”.

Dr. Douglas trained in Live Blood Analysis (High Resolution Blood Morphology, HRBM) and Dried Blood Analysis (Heitan-LeGarde-Bradford Blood Test, HLB) with Drs. Robert Bradford and Harold Klassen in 1992, studied Hemaview in 1993 and has since increased and updated his knowledge in these areas through Professor Walter Url at the University of Vienna and Dr. Thomas Rau at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. He has also studied the courses in Live Blood Evaluation and Layer Dried Blood as taught by Dr. Michael Coyle, in 2009, and has extensively researched and studied the Pleomorphic Theories of Disease as published by Professor Antoine Béchamp and Dr. Günther Enderlein. He has extensive knowledge in natural medicine and has trained practitioners in Live Blood and Coagulated Blood microscopy for several years. During the 1990′s Dr. Douglas trained practitioners in HRBM and HLB on behalf of American Biologics and since 2007, he has been training Doctors and Naturopaths throughout Australia and in Europe in his own courses on techniques of Dark Field Live Blood Microscopy, Live Blood Morphology, Phase Contrast Live Blood Microscopy, and Coagulated (Dried) Blood Microscopy.